The Rooms

Horrorville, Florida 1962

A wandering troupe sets up the circus just off the highway, at the foot of the village. For two weeks everyone is pleased as the village floods in with people coming from all the surrounding villages to see the “Freaks”. But a few days later, at the same night, after a fire destroyed the circus stable all of the village inhabitants were found murdered.

Horrorville, Florida 2020

A new troupe settles in Horrorville and undertakes the restoration of the old circus. The day before the doors opened to the public, people from the neighboring villages saw the circus wrapped in flames.

It was probably an illusion as the circus opens its doors tonight…


Not Allowed for:

Under 18

Heart Conditions

Breathing Conditions



Panic Attacks



The game is played in two (2) modes:


Horror Mode: Circus presences will make your experience difficult while touring the circus. Minimal physical contact. Comfortable clothing is recommended.


Insanity Mode: Paranoic freaks are in the circus and they are there to prevent you from escaping. Intense physical contact. Comfortable clothing and casual clothes are recommended.


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